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Learn more about BMT JFA Consultants in the Services and Solutions and Market Sector areas.

  • Capital Dredging Works

    BMT JFA is able to utilise extensive in-house experience and technical expertise (including specialised software and databases) to complete detailed dredging capital studies and assessments which wholly addresses the anticipated project requirements and risks.

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  • Dredge Disposal, Reclamation and Ground Improvement Works

    The determination of the optimal location and methodology for the disposal material removed during a dredging process is a major consideration for all dredging.

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  • Dredging Studies and Assessments

    BMT JFA’s dredging studies consider all aspects of the required works, ranging from the ground conditions and the prevailing metocean climate through to the selection of suitable plant in order to assess the optimal approach for the completion of each individual project.

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  • Hydrographic Surveying

    BMT JFA has developed a specialist capability in the organisation and management of hydrographic survey operations.

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  • Maintenance Dredging Works

    Maintenance dredging is essential in keeping the world’s waters navigable, and is a specialist area of consultancy in which BMT JFA have vast experience.

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