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Learn more about BMT JFA Consultants in the Services and Solutions and Market Sector areas.

  • Coastal Process Studies

    BMT JFA has extensive experience in the development of coastal management plans and coastal process studies which apply advanced numerical models in providing innovative solutions for complex coastal problems.

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  • Hydrodynamic Studies

    Numerical hydrodynamic modelling plays a significant role in the design of coastal development, including quantitative assessment of potential impacts and environmental footprints.

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  • Metocean Data Collection

    Metocean data collection is a key component of marine and coastal engineering and an essential element in the simulation of marine and coastal behavioural systems.

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  • Wave Attenuation Modelling in Harbours

    An accurate assessment of the wave climate at any given project site is critical in optimising harbour layout and ensuring safe operating conditions for shiploading and other commercial and recreational activities.

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  • Wave Transformation Modelling

    An intimate knowledge of wave climate is a fundamental component in the effective design of offshore, coastal and port structures.

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