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Learn more about BMT JFA Consultants in the Services and Solutions and Market Sector areas.

  • Barging and Transhipment Studies

    From strategic high-level review, to options appraisal, concept design and feasibility studies, BMT JFA has the necessary in-house expertise to evaluate the onsite conditions, identify the constraints and provide expert advice and recommendations on how to progress transhipment operations.

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  • Channel Design

    BMT JFA has experience in developing and optimising design for channels, berth pockets, turning basins, and ship manoeuvring areas for small to large maritime facilities.

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  • Construction Program Management

    For any sized project, the development of an accurate schedule incorporating all the required tasks and their interactions is critical in ensuring that the project is planned, developed and executed as efficiently as possible.

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  • Mooring and Berth Operability Studies

    Based on knowledge of local winds, waves, wakes and currents, BMT JFA engineers can calculate and model mooring line loads for determination of the number and type of lines required for a given vessel.

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  • Planning and Development for Marinas and Small Craft Facilities

    BMT JFA’s coastal, port, and marina engineers offer a wealth of experience in consulting for recreational marina facilities, private berths and jetties, and industrial berths for tugs, ferries and other support craft.

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