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  • Port Marine Design Criteria

    The wealth of knowledge and experience possessed by BMT JFA in the design and operation of port and harbour projects enables the company to deliver unrivalled service in the formulation and assessment of marine design criteria.

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  • Port Planning and Development

    The capital cost and service life of new ports or port expansions demand careful layout and design of the facilities, to ensure optimal port traffic and the availability to achieve planned and forecast throughput capacity.

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  • Process and Systems Simulation Modelling

    Process modelling can have enormous benefit to a project and has been used by BMT JFA to assess project feasibility, identify a program’s weak points and driving factors, and identify required project plant and schedules. The flexibility of the software allows models to be useful at all stages.

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  • Site Investigations

    BMT JFA has extensive experience in the planning and execution of a wide range of port related site investigations, including the collection of metocean data (typically waves, currents and water levels) and the planning and execution of geotechnical site investigations.

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    Port construction and redevelopment require significant capital investment and there is the risk of losing business while the work is being done. But, with the correct design, it is possible to keep construction costs down and limit any reduction in port operating capacity.

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