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Learn more about BMT JFA Consultants in the Services and Solutions and Market Sector areas.

  • Commercial Contracts

    BMT JFA Consultants has significant expertise in the development and delivery of ports, harbours, channel and coastal management, including capital and maintenance dredging.

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  • Environmental Management Services

    Environmental factors are perhaps the major consideration affecting all port and marine related works, and in particular the construction of civil infrastructure and dredging operations.

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  • Expert Witness and Peer Review

    BMT JFA has provided a range of services including expert witness, expert advice on claims and peer reviews for a diverse range of clients, including regulatory authorities, financial organisations, potential investors and local, state and federal institutions.

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  • Marine Health and Safety

    BMT JFA has 15 years experience in managing and supervising marine works, with a specific focus on ensuring that all work is performed with minimum risk to personnel health and safety.

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  • Wave Forces

    BMT JFA has extensive experience in wave force calculation for jetties and wharves in both cyclonic and non cyclonic conditions.

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