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  • Site Investigations

    BMT JFA has extensive experience in the planning and execution of a wide range of port related site investigations, including the collection of metocean data (typically waves, currents and water levels) and the planning and execution of geotechnical site investigations.

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    Port construction and redevelopment require significant capital investment and there is the risk of losing business while the work is being done. But, with the correct design, it is possible to keep construction costs down and limit any reduction in port operating capacity.

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  • Commercial Contracts

    BMT JFA Consultants has significant expertise in the development and delivery of ports, harbours, channel and coastal management, including capital and maintenance dredging.

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  • Environmental Management Services

    Environmental factors are perhaps the major consideration affecting all port and marine related works, and in particular the construction of civil infrastructure and dredging operations.

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  • Expert Witness and Peer Review

    BMT JFA has provided a range of services including expert witness, expert advice on claims and peer reviews for a diverse range of clients, including regulatory authorities, financial organisations, potential investors and local, state and federal institutions.

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