We provide a wide range of services that draw on our global expertise in order to manage and mitigate risks during the operation and maintenance of ports, terminals and harbours.

Navigation Simulation and Consultancy

BMT JFA Consultants has many years' experience in all aspects of ship manoeuvring and operability. Our experience and expertise in channel design and harbour layout is greatly assisted by BMT's real time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator, REMBRANDT, used by pilots, ship operators, naval architects and port authorities around the world to enable effective training, and to evaluate harbour layouts at the planning stage.

The system has a wide range of high fidelity ship models which can interact with varied environmental conditions and tugs to produce realistic vessel behaviour. BMT JFA Consultants uses exerienced harbour pilots operating the REMBRANDT simulator to verify navigational layouts and confirm the operability of proposed channels and berthing arrangements, long before construction works commence.

Mooring Analysis

Designing and analysing mooring systems is an essential part of port planning.  BMT JFA Consultants has extensive experience in this area and in evaluating the feasibility of ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations. Our comprehensive consultancy services range from providing expert advice, to a detailed dynamic mooring analysis using specialist software, and is complemented by BMT JFA Consultants global maritime operations expertise.

Asset Management

BMT JFA Consultants has a strong background in providing condition assessment services and long term management plans for condition monitoring, maintenance dredging, hydrographic survey programmes, and structural maintenance for maritime operations of any scale. These planning services are centred around value engineering, and take a risk-mitigation based approach to strategically provisioning resources in order to maintain facilities in an acceptably functional and profitable condition for the intended design life of an asset. BMT JFA Consultants condition monitoring expertise sees us utilise the latest in terrestrial and hydrographic survey technology to not only visually inspect a facility, but also to establish 3D digital baseline data to guage change through future monitoring activities.


At BMT JFA Consultants, all our operational consultancy services are underpinned by the concept of risk mitigation versus capital and operational expenditure, and the determination of an acceptable level of risk for an operation. BMT JFA Consultants not only studies the external and internal risk factors of marine facilities but also their consequences. We look at what impact a project's vulnerability and risk may have on businesses or countries and advise on the most appropriate ways of mitigating that risk. Our experts can review navigational issues, search and rescue and the port marine safety code, as well as assessing and auditing safety management systems.