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Bunbury Port Coal Export Berth Options Study

BMT's expertise in port planning and close knowledge of Western Australian ports, BMT provided port expansion options, dredging and construction solutions, and cost estimates for construction and facility operations.


BMT was engaged (through ParsonsBrinkerhoff) by LANCO Infratech Limited to identify solutions for rail transport and export of approximately 15 million tonnes of coal per annum from the Collie Basin in Western Australia to India and other international markets.

For this study, BMT and  ParsonsBrinkerhoff investigated the port and rail infrastructure required to transport coal from the mine site to the ship berth.

BMT evaluated south-western ports for the project criteria and presented a number of engineering solutions to meet the throughput and cost objectives. 

BMT introduced construction-phasing strategies which could advance the commencement schedule, reduce upfront costs, and create a pathway

for funding future development.

Through this study, BMT was able to identify the preferred, best-value port location and facility upgrade requirements for coal handling and export.

BMT's Role

  • Expert input and advice into an options assessment workshop to determine the most viable export option
  • Review of data, literature and engineering studies for each  port site considered
  • Assessment of design vessels and wharf infrastructure for the throughput requirements
  • Analysis of berth availability for the prevailing metocean conditions
  • Concept-level engineering design and drafting
  • Material takeoffs for dredging and seawalls, breakwaters and wharf structures
  • Capital (CAPEX) and Operating (OPEX) estimates
  • Advice on dredging efficiency and disposal treatment for risk-based cost estimates.

Services and Expertise Provided

  • Port planning and development
  • Project cost (CAPEX & OPEX) estimates
  • Breakwater and seawall concept design
  • Wharf infrastructure design
  • Mooring and berth operability studies
  • Dredging and reclamation study and assessment
  • Process and systems simulation modelling.