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Carnarvon Fascine Development

BMT removed some 400, 000 m³ of material for the construction of the channel.


 The Fascine Revetment Wall was built in stages between the mid 50’s through to the mid 70’s to provide protection to the town from river flow from the South Arm of the Gascoyne River and from wave action from its exposure to the sea.

In 1998 the Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) awarded a contract for the construction of a
3.5 km long and 30 m wide channel between Teggs Channel and the Tramway Bridge, and the dredging of a boating basin within the Fascine.

These projects involved the removal of some 210,000 m3 and 190,000 m3 of material respectively.


Additional work included the dredging of access channels to Carnarvon Yacht Club and Carnarvon Beach Holiday Resort.

Initial work involved assisting DPI in terminating a contract on the basis of non performance and subsequently re-letting the contract.

The project involved the dredging of approximately sand and silt to form reclamation areas suitable for development.

Minor works included design and installation of navigational aids along a 3.0 km channel leading from offshore to the proposed development.

 BMT's Role

  • Drafting of the contract document
  • Contract management
  • Undertake geotechnical investigations
  • Acting as the Superintendent’s Representative
  • Management of this technically difficult project including removal of submerged derelict jetties
  • Disposal of fine material in environmentally sensitive area.

Services and Expertise Provided

  • Dredging study and assessment
  • Speacilist dredging advice
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Commercial contract drafting and management.